Best Tree Removal Services in Atlanta


Many a times we face problems with trees around our locality. Trees could damage our property, driveway or even our houses so we require getting these unwanted trees removed or trimmed. Getting this hectic job done on our own is nearly impossible and seeking professional help is also

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Utilisez une porte en verre pour donner du cachet à une pièce

Lorsque nous pensons au verre, nous pensons surtout à des fenêtres ou encore aux gratte-ciels dont l’extérieur est presque entièrement fait de verre, car ce sont les exemples les plus évocateurs de l’utilisation du verre. Cependant, le verre peut servir à de nombreuses autres applications, dont la fabrication de portes en verre et il s’agira justement du sujet de notre article d’aujourd’hui.

Portes de douches

La douche est un bon endroit pour installer une porte en verre. En effet, puisque la grande majorité des nouvelles douches construites aujourd’hui sont en verre, il va de soi que les portes de ces douches soient des portes en verre, par souci de continuité des matériaux et d’esthétisme. Que penseriez-vous d’une jolie douche en verre dont la porte serait complètement opaque et dans un autre matériau comme du métal?

Portes de bureaux

Les portes en verre sont moins présentes dans les bureaux qui ont été conçus il y a plusieurs années ou dans les lieux de travail au décor très conservateur. Par contre, les portes de bureau en verre sont très communes dans les bureaux modernes et les entreprises branchées comme les entreprises en informatique ou les entreprises en communication marketing. Ces portes sont souvent jumelées à des séparations de bureau en verre, ce qui permet aux employés d’avoir leur propre espace de travail tout en créant un lieu de travail ouvert et sans cloisons apparentes.

Portes de résidences

Bien que l’on voit plus souvent des portes en verre sur des douches ou dans des bureaux, il est plus rare de voir des portes complètement en verre dans des résidences. En effet, certaines pièces conviennent moins à ce genre de portes (par exemple, la salle de bain et la chambre à coucher), car cela occasionnerait des problèmes d’intimité. Par contre, ce type de porte peut être intéressant dans une maison moderne pour séparer 2 pièces à proximité l’une de l’autre comme la salle à manger et le salon. Le verre, par sa transparence, laisse passer la lumière et donne l’impression que l’espace disponible dans la maison est plus vaste qu’il ne l’est réellement.

C’est ce qui conclut cet article sur les portes en verre. Nous espérons que la lecture de cet article vous aura inspiré pour la métamorphose de votre lieu de travail ou de votre résidence ou pour l’acquisition de votre nouvelle douche!


Plant One on US Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Revolutionary Product

Plant One on US Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Revolutionary Product that Provides Extra Space to Homeowners with Narrow Windowsills

The Plant One on US Kickstarter campaign will begin August 5, 2014

At 10 a.m. Eastern time.

NORTH CAROLINA (July 29, 2014) – People whose windows have narrow windowsills can now use a windowsill extender for plants, pets, home décor, and more.

On July 8, Plant One on US launches its Kickstarter campaign to fund the launch of a unique approach to windowsill extension. The product, also called Plant One on US, connects to the inside of a home’s single or double hung windowsill, and to the bottom lip of a vinyl window. Should owners wish to move it to a different window or clean it, they simply tilt up the front, pull the legs back, and it comes right off.

Karl Borgen, Plant One on US inventor, said he came up with the concept while looking for a window shelf that wouldn’t damage his windowsill and mess up his nice woodwork. His product can be used in bedrooms for plants or as a nightstand, in the bathroom for personal care items, or in an office where people have a window and need extra space. Plant One on US also lets users grow indoor plants and fresh vegetables at home by taking advantage of natural light and indoor climate control. They can also get a head start on plants for their garden.

“Most windowsills in America are only 2.5 inches,” Borgen said. “There is no space. I went to the marketplace for a solution, but couldn’t find anything that didn’t have to be screwed in, nailed down, or required Velcro. Plant One on US is a smarter way to add space to the window for two simple but important reasons: First, it doesn’t require screws, nails or Velcro; and second, it’s very easy to put together — just slide the feet into the patented slots, clip it to your windowsill, snug the feet, and you’re done. Your windowsill can now be as large as 10″x 24”.”

Each Plant One on US unit is crafted with over two pounds of injected molded polypropylene plastic with a UV inhibitor. Tests have shown its durability, and it is capable of supporting over 30 pounds. Also, with its deep lip, it can hold one quart of liquid, so it eliminates the problem of spilling, staining, and rotting the windowsill or floor. To summarize:

  • Locally manufactured in the U.S.
  • Exceptional design and functionality
  • Beautiful, simple, yet unforgettable
  • No maintenance required as long used as instructed
  • Expands the standard windowsill from 2.5 inches to an expansive 10” X 24”
  • Does not require screws, nails, or Velcro to hold it in place
  • Works with the window open or closed

Months before the Kickstarter launch, Plant One on US did extensive research, going to over 100 homes and testing different weights and types of windows. It then built a simple website and began generating a mailing list of those interested in this useful new product.

Borgen said he anticipates a large demand for this first-of-its-kind product. He took a leap of faith and put the down payment for the plastic injection molds. The company is now ready to bring Plant One on US to market. In order to begin manufacturing with the first production run, it will need to make the final payment for the molds and first production run, and this is where it needs help.

Plant One on Us has announced an early bird special reduced price of just $25 (shipping and handling included) instead of the regular $39.95 price of the indoor window shelf, to help it meet its production minimums.

About Plant One on US

Plant One on US was designed for assembly and production in the USA.  We will use a combination of domestic components to assemble all of the shelves near our Winston Salem, NC location.

We teamed up with Pam Trading (http://www.paminjectionmolding.com) to guide us through the manufacturing process: everything from sourcing the components for Plant One on US, to conducting factory audits, to overseeing the manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance and logistics needed to bring Plant One on US to market.

The Kickstarter campaign for Plant One on US will launch August 5, 2014 at 10 a.m. Eastern time.


Plant One on US – New product brings innovation in every room

The 29th of July, 2014

Karl Borgen

Nowadays market is full with innovative products, and yet there are many more that will impress the customers. When innovation meets utility, there is no doubt that it will be a success. Plant One on US has the sole purpose to add more space to your window. The main quality of this product is definitely its simplicity. It doesn’t need long introductions that have to explain you its exact utility. On the contrary, it is enough to see a simple image and you will want it in your house as soon as possible, especially when you find out that it comes at a competitive price. The truth is that in a world full of useless inventions, Plant One on US comes as a fresh spring air that brings back hope in everyone’s life.

Plant One on US is a new product that will definitely make a small, but important change in your life. This product has been especially designed for those who appreciate home design and who understand the importance of adding extra space to any room from the house. It will definitely conquer the nowadays market thanks to its simplicity, and therefore you should definitely think about it. You can easily install it on any window you wish, being able to save more space. Those who love to organize their stuff will definitely appreciate this small product that will change a place in an instant, creating a new ambiance. The beauty of Plant One on US is that it can be placed anywhere, including the bedroom, kitchen, or office. You can use it as a support for your plants, or you can easily place in the bedroom, using it as a nightstand. It is enough to see a picture with it and you can already know its purpose in your home. You probably have a few items that you want to keep closer to you, but you don’t know how. There are many people who love the idea of having plants and who don’t know where to place them. You will see soon enough that this simple and innovative product has as many purposes as there are people. Additionally to its main qualities, Plant One on US comes at an amazing price that cannot be refused, and therefore you should check it out.

Plant One on US is a new product that will gain soon enough its followers, especially because it is a smart and simple product that can be very useful in any house. This product has been especially created for people who want to have an organized room, but also for those who don’t have enough space. The truth is that Plant One on US has all the chances to become successful. Right now one has to wait in order to see its effect on the market, even though the statistics look very well from this point of view.

Thank You


Karl Borgen



Picking a Good Plumber North York (416) 446-0909

Finding good tradespeople can be quite a nightmare. Excellent plumbers are notoriously difficult to get. If you call their phone is n’t answered by some, others basically do not generate. Some can charge an exorbitant amount for a work that is relatively simple. By choosing the poor plumber to work on your property, you can be cost money; if your plumber problems your pipes or residence the bill to own them correctly restored may be thousands.

Plumber North York (416) 446-0909 Understanding a great plumber who has completed work for you before will come in an emergency in quite useful. Exploring at eight on a Wednesday night your hot water program has burst is not a predicament that is very great. It’s fairly difficult to obtain out a 24hour plumber or a crisis plumber, and it may cost hundreds if you manage it. Having a current connection having a great, plumber that is reliable comes in extremely handy.They could be less likely to want to ask you for a-bomb and more more likely to emerge after-hours. A great Sydney plumber is hardly easy to locate.

An excellent individual to inquire about plumbers can be a Realtor. Many of the popular maintenance problems regarding rental properties demand a plumber, it is likely that the local agent is delivering a plumber from careers many days of the week. Call-in and have, they might not be unable to direct you onto somebody good.

Relative or friends may also not be unable to refer one to a superb plumber. Someone may be also known by other trades-people. While requesting people for recommendations, keep in mind they could obtain a cut for sending them the job from the plumber.

Start calling around. Regional report the web and pages pages are wonderful locations to start out if you’re buying a Sydney plumber. Keep in mind that there are very different kinds of plumbers outthere. Some can focus on others restoration, others restore function and tiny jobs and development. Obviously there’s also emergency plumbers and 24 hour plumbers who mostly do repair work.

When speaking make sure and to a plumber ask questions you get answers that are clear. If you should be still unsure about something you shouldn’t be reluctant to request. If your plumber makes you feel uncomfortable or sad at the solution, this can be a distinct signal that they’re not the plumber for you. Be sure you are unique about the details. When can they manage to begin? May they be working at the same time on other careers? When they keep may they eliminate their trash?

Possibly the most significant factor to check in a Plumber North York (416) 446-0909 is that they are qualified. This means that they’ll have all of the required credentials in addition to the correct insurance and liability cover. This way, if factors do go wrong you’ll understand that you are included.

Ask them to get a guide when you have cold-called a plumber, that’s just found their label in the regional document or the internet. Getting with a recent customer into effect is an excellent concept, they are able to give an honest review of the plumbers services to you. Getting a good plumber who you’re able to trust is a superb contact to have even though you are looking for someone to complete a small occupation.